Customer Care Corner

Happy Anniversary CTT!

Written by John Torres

This past August, the Customer Communication Team (CCT) celebrated its second anniversary.

We are grateful for the invaluable support and guidance that Continental provided to us over the past two years. From the onset, our goal was clearly defined: to continue the legacy level of stellar service, commitment, and flexibility.

Reflecting on our journey together, it’s evident that the team’s unwavering commitment to our success has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and milestones. The team’s deep understanding of our needs, along with innovative solutions, has significantly contributed to Continental’s growth and development. In the end, this is all attributable to each team member being a Shareholder Advocate.

The Customer Communication Team is a thoughtfully curated group of experienced, talented, dedicated, and service-oriented individuals. With an average of 12 years of customer service experience, including an average of 6 years of stock transfer experience, the group is deeply experienced in empathizing and communicating with shareholders.

As we move forward into the next phase, we’re excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

We have every confidence that with Continental’s continued guidance, we will continue to reach new heights and achieve even greater success.


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