Abandoned Property Reporting

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Abandoned Property Reporting

Delivering your shareholders’ assets securely and accurately is our priority. We can help with abandoned property, unclaimed property, escheatment, and everything else associated with remitting unclaimed or dormant assets to the various states or jurisdictions.

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From due diligence to filings.

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Leveraging Our Partnerships To Serve Shareholders

With our corporate partnerships, we will comply with SEC and state laws to search and locate lost shareholders. Contact your Account Manager to learn more on how we can help reduce escheated assets, and related cost to manage the escheat process.  

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

Before the escheatment process is reached, we perform abandoned property due diligence mailings under the various state regulatory requirements in an attempt to ensure shareholders do not lose contact with their asset and avoid turning over the asset to their respective state of residence.

Lost shareholders are searched for under SEC rule 17 AD-17 in order to reunite the shareholder with their asset. We provide this search process to the shareholder cost-free.

Reducing Escheatment Charges

Shareholder participation is voluntary and they, or their heirs, have the option to contact us to update account information if they wish to make a claim directly.  

The location process benefits the issuer by ensuring that any property that was previously abandoned is returned to its rightful owner, avoiding escheatment as required by each state’s guidelines. We’re able to reduce your escheatment charges, and help more shareholders reunite with their underlying assets. 

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