Proxy & Meeting Services

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Proxy and Meeting Services

Our proxy professional will partner with your Account Manager, providing guidance for shareholder meeting planning and execution throughout the year, as required by state and federal law.

Four people seated on one side of a conference table, sharing laughter during shareholder and proxy meetings.
View of a conference room with four people engaged in discussion, likely about shareholders and proxy meetings.

Proxy Expertise and Services

  • Proxy form and material design consultation
  • Broker search and fulfillment services
  • Interface with the DTCC, Broadridge and plan administrators
  • Mail and tabulate services
  • Inspector of Election
  • Notice and access material distribution
  • End-to-end financial printing services

Online Services

  • Online document conversion and web hosting services
  • iPad and tablet-friendly documents
  • Tiles navigation: Touch-based interface allowing users to easily select important document sections. Allows for presentation, page swiping, social media integration and more.
  • QR code scanning
  • Mobile and desktop voting platforms
  • Proxy tabulation with daily online reporting
Close-up of a hand typing on a keyboard, possibly during preparations for shareholders and proxy meetings.

VSM Solutions

Our Virtual Shareholder Meeting “VSM” solutions provide the elements of an in-person meeting without the logistical concerns and costs. View our tutorial to learn about these solutions and how our VSM platform works.

How we’ll work together

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Under the trusted Continental umbrella of proxy services, we offer a comprehensive one-stop solution.

We’ll partner with your Account Manager to ensure a successful shareholder meeting.

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We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.