SPACs, IPOs & Business Combinations 

For Issuers

SPACs, IPOs & Business Combinations

A successful IPO, SPAC or Cross Border listing requires thorough planning and timely, flawless execution. We know what an offering entails, and will act proactively on your behalf every step of the way.

Coordinating the IPO and Post-IPO activity.

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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Our seasoned team executes on services uniquely designed for each client. This customization has positioned us to handle 60% of the North American IPOs brought to market in the past four years. 

Gold Standard For IPOs, SPACs And Business Combinations

Continental is widely recognized as the industry leader in the oversight and administration of SPACs. Our proprietary platforms oversee trust assets and all stages of business combinations/redemptions. We’ve handled over 1,300 SPAC IPOs and overseen more than 600 SPAC business combinations.  

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Assisting with cross border listings

Co-Agent Services

A Co-Agent partners with a primary agent in another country to facilitate stock transfers primarily in the United States. Co-Agents accept and transfer certificates or book entry shares and work closely to provide daily activity records to the primary transfer agent.

Dual-Listing Transfer Agent Services 

A dual-listed transfer agent partners with a transfer agent in another country to enable trading of equity shares on multiple markets. Issuers may want multiple listings to enhance share liquidity and increase its public profile for investors and employees. This enables issuers to diversify capital-raising activities, rather than relying only on the domestic market. A Dual Agent manages a full listing of security holder records. 

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We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.