Meet Our Team

We believe our continuous growth is a testament to the caliber of our team. They are consummate professionals, skilled in their areas of expertise, and committed to tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs.

Looking at the sky between two tall buildings representing the financial solutions offered by the team at Continental.

Senior Management

With a passion for the intricacies of the industry, our senior managers average 34 years of experience and excel in their chosen areas of expertise. Their depth of understanding is unparalleled, and your satisfaction is their top priority.

Headshot of Steven Nelson
Steven Nelson President & Chairman
Headshot of Howard Danielson
Howard Danielson VP of Shareholder Plan Services
Wilton Davila VP of Reorganization
Headshot of Henry Farrell
Henry Farrell VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Nick Giancaspro
Nick Giancaspro VP & Chief Information Security Officer
Headshot of Michael Mullings, MS
Michael Mullings, MS Chief Compliance Officer & Corporate Secretary
Headshot of Elizabeth Pinto
Elizabeth Pinto VP & Director of Stock Transfer Services
Headshot of Narisha Tilhoo
Narisha Tilhoo Controller & VP of Accounting
Headshot of John Torres
John Torres VP & Director of Customer Communications
Headshot of John Ulla
John Ulla Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Karri VanDell
Karri VanDell VP & Director of Sales Strategy & Marketing
Headshot of Margaret Villani
Margaret Villani VP & Director of Client Administration
Peter Ward VP of Reorganization
Headshot of Ernest Wilson
Ernest Wilson VP of Reorganization
Francis Wolf VP & Assistant Secretary of Trust & Corporate Action Services
Headshot of Mark Zimkind
Mark Zimkind SVP & Director of Shareholder Services
Headshot of Robert Zubrycki
Robert Zubrycki VP & Director of Proxy & Mail Services

Account Management

Our skilled Account Managers are adept at providing thoughtful solutions and prompt responses. They ask the right questions, then follow through with custom-designed, well-executed solutions.

Headshot of Vincent Amodeo
Vincent Amodeo Account Manager
Headshot of Stacy Aqui
Stacy Aqui VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Alwyn Burton
Alwyn Burton Account Manager
Headshot of Vito Cirone
Vito Cirone Account Manager
Headshot of Keri-Ann Cuadros
Keri-Ann Cuadros VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Henry Farrell
Henry Farrell VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Kristen Figueroa
Kristen Figueroa Account Manager
Headshot of Petronella Gielissen
Petronella Gielissen Account Manager
Headshot of Michael Goedecke
Michael Goedecke VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Ana Gois
Ana Gois VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones Account Manager
Headshot of Margaret "Bernie" Lloyd
Margaret “Bernie” Lloyd VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Ian McKay
Ian McKay Account Manager
Headshot of Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Douglas Reed
Douglas Reed VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Leicia Savinetti
Leicia Savinetti VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Steven Vacante
Steven Vacante VP & Account Manager
Headshot of Maria Vaz
Maria Vaz Account Manager
Headshot of Kelly Walters
Kelly Walters Account Manager
Headshot of Erika Young
Erika Young VP & Account Manager

Client Support

Our Client Support representatives are the unsung heroes of our Account Management team. They are equipped with the essential knowledge necessary for providing you with an exceptional service experience, every time.

Headshot of Edgar Ambert
Edgar Ambert Client Support
Headshot of Darryl Nickey
Darryl Nickey Client Support
Headshot of Lucy Pecci
Lucy Pecci Client Support
Headshot of Evelyne Warsager
Evelyne Warsager Client Support
Headshot of Tinka Welch
Tinka Welch Administrative Assistant

Highly personalized, shoulder-to-shoulder approach.

We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.