About ContinentaLink 

For Issuers


Instant and secure access. It’s not just appreciated – it’s expected. We provide it with ContinentaLink, a conveniently accessible link allowing each shareholder to access their individual records and review holdings, dividends, dividend reinvestment participation and more.

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Keeps shareholders connected.

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Anytime Access To Shares And Accounts 

ContinentaLink provides a convenient, secure and efficient alternative to phone, email and mail communication for shareholders looking at shareholder account detail, forms you can download (including tax forms), dividend details, dividend reinvestment information and more. 

All-Records Access For Issuers

ContinentaLink allows your company to access all individual shareholder account records. This service is beneficial for any corporation that wants to monitor security-related issues or assist shareholders and employees with questions about holdings. Want to see how it works? Our Issuer clients can view a tutorial by clicking on the “ContinentaLink Tutorial Request Form” link below.

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ContinentaLink for Issuers

ContinentaLink Tutorial Request Form

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