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Partnerships and Cybersecurity

Continental & TS Partners Inc.

TS Partners hosts our TranStar platform, which allows us to provide highly automated, secure, flexible solutions and data reporting. These solutions are tailored to each of our public and private customers’ needs. 

TranStar Advanced Solutions 

  • Shareholder Recordkeeping 
  • Plan Services 
  • Issuer/Shareholder Access Availability 
  • Immediate Processing 
  • On-Demand Reporting 
  • Integrated Platform 
  • Compliance with Current & Anticipated Regulations 
  • Secure Data Transmission to Comply with OTC’s Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program 

ControlBook Reporting

View, monitor and print reports reflecting your Authorized shares, Issued and Outstanding shares, Treasury shares and any associated Reserves in any client-specified date range in real time, anytime.

Get instant access to your Share Controls for every class of stock.


This service enables corporations to monitor security-related issues and assist shareholders and employees with questions about holdings.

Get 24/7 access to records, review holdings, dividends and more.

Customer Care Solutions

Ensuring a positive shareholder experience is our top priority. With us,
you will always speak with a live representative rather than an automated
response. Our team of live representatives is accessible via phone or email
from 8am to 6pm EST Monday-Friday, ready to promptly address any inquiries
your shareholders may have.

Highly personalized, shoulder-to-shoulder approach.

We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.