For Issuers

For Issuers

Issuer Services Overview

We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction and commitment in the industry. Each issuer’s service needs are unique, so we will customize a suite of tailored services that best fits your company.

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Proxy and Meeting Services

Our skilled proxy professionals and your Account Manager will guide you through planning a successful shareholder meeting, with a range of proxy and shareholder meeting services, and virtual meeting solutions.

Payment Disbursement Services

We recognize the importance of delivering timely payments to your shareholders, and have invested in automated technology to ensure dividend accuracy and secure disbursements of payments. 

Dividend Reinvestment & Direct Stock Purchase Plans

We will guide you through the process to establish a tailored plan and highlight features important to your shareholders.

Corporate Actions & Escrows 

We customize our services for your corporate action event. We also serve as an escrow agent, acting as a trusted independent third party for the holding and dispersing of critical assets. 

Abandoned Property Reporting

We want to ensure your shareholder information is in the right hands and will comply with SEC and state laws to search and locate lost shareholders. Delivering their assets securely and accurately is our priority. 

Restricted Securities/Rule 144

Feeling overwhelmed by restricted securities? We will work with you to efficiently manage all shareholder transactions to ensure full compliance with SEC regulations and required holding periods. 

Highly personalized, shoulder-to-shoulder approach.

We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.