Payment Disbursement Services

For Issuers

Dividend Disbursement & Paying Agent Services

It’s critical to deliver timely payments to your shareholders. So we have made a significant investment in automation to guarantee accuracy and secure on-time disbursement.

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Tech-forward automation keeps payments on time.

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Enhancing Your Shareholders’ Experience

We’ve tailored our dividend process to meet the complex needs of our industry, corporate partners, and, most importantly, the shareholders. We offer unparalleled data security and integrity, detailed online payment data and documentation, and customizable solutions. 

A Full Suite Of Included Services

We provide paying agent services for cash and stock dividends. These services include:

  • Regulatory compliance with The Depository Trust Company 
  • FINRA filing and reporting with the Internal Revenue Service 
  • Year-end IRS Form 1099s 
  • ACH payments 
  • Reconciliation and replacement of funds 
  • Abandoned property management and escheatment 

Additional Paying Agent Services 

We also act as paying agent for non-client corporate actions. These services include: 

  • Escrow distributions 
  • Exchange Agent processing 
  • Tender Agent payments and processing 
  • Settlement payments 
  • Liquidation payments 
  • Redemption payments 
  • Subscription processing 
  • Proration allocations 

Highly personalized, shoulder-to-shoulder approach.

We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.