About Us


Our original vision from 1964 still stands

As your partner, we will bring you brilliant, innovative solutions. And we will earn your trust each and every day. As we were in the beginning, we remain an independent, privately held corporation. This means that we are committed to partnering with you indefinitely.

Continental employees gathered around a conference room table, attentively listening to a presenter discussing Financial Solutions.

Our relationship with you.

A trusted resource for key services 

We’ve provided transfer agent services to 1,800 public and private issuers and cross-border agent services to 220 global clients – that’s 2.8MM shareholders worldwide. In the past four years, we’ve handled 60% of all US IPOs. 

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Our advanced technology keeps you connected 

ContinentaLink gives issuers and shareholders 24/7 access to account, dividend and tax information and more. Issuer-based ControlBook Reporting offers access to detailed share controls for every class of stock.

Continental & TS Partners Inc. 

TS Partners hosts our TranStar platform, which allows us to provide highly automated, secure, flexible solutions and data reporting. These solutions are tailored to each of our public and private customers’ needs. 

TranStar Advanced Solutions 

  • Shareholder Recordkeeping 
  • Plan Services 
  • Issuer/Shareholder Access Availability 
  • Immediate Processing 
  • On-Demand Reporting 
  • Integrated Platform 
  • Compliance with Current & Anticipated Regulations 
  • Secure Data Transmission to Comply with OTC’s Transfer Agent Verified Shares Program 
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Shareholder Overview 

We provide convenient access to individual records and document resources, enabling shareholders to focus on their investments. And our United States team is equipped to manage all shareholder inquiries. 

Issuer Services Overview 

Each issuer is unique, so we will work with you to customize and establish a suite of services that best fits your company. 

  • Proxy & Meeting Services
  • DRIP/DSPP Plans
  • Payment Disbursement Services
  • Corporate Actions & Escrows 
  • Abandoned Property Reporting 
  • Restricted Securities 
  • SPACs, IPOs & Business Combinations

IPO & SPAC Services Overview 

IPOs require thorough pre-offering planning and precise execution. We know what it takes to go public and will act proactively on your behalf, in all capacities, through every step of the process.    

Highly personalized, shoulder-to-shoulder approach.

We’re deeply engaged in applying our industry expertise to help shareholders of our clients thrive.