Account Management

Our True Strength Lies In Our People

We have consistently attracted the industry’s most experienced professionals. Our Account Management & Administration group provides thoughtful solutions and prompt response to our customers. Our experts ask the right questions to design and flawlessly execute customized solutions their shareholders require.


Margaret Villani

Margaret Villani

Vice President and Director of Client Administration

Maggie is the point of contact for the Account Management & Administration group, ensuring that client needs are met in a timely and professional fashion. With over 30 years of experience in relationship management positions in the securities field – experienced in compliance and securities regulatory issues with a commitment to client education. Her stock transfer experience focuses on client relationships of emerging growth to large public companies.

Prior to assuming her role at Continental Stock Transfer & Trust, she held several management positions at other financial firms.

Maggie has sat on the Board of the Mid Atlantic Securities chapter, has been a member of several industry organizations, and has authored many industry articles.

Stacy Aqui

Stacy Aqui

Stacy joined Continental in 2000, working in the Compliance Department. Her experience and knowledge are assets in coordinating legal requirements for certain corporate events. In the Account Management group, Stacy stays close to her clients and meets their needs one-to-one, no matter the time. As a result, she has established many valuable customer relationships through her years at Continental.

Stacy is originally from Trinidad/Tobago and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. Every year, she travels to Trinidad to participate in Carnival and celebrates her family, heritage, and culture.

Vincent Amodeo

Vincent Amodeo

Vincent joined Continental at the beginning of 2022 as an Account Relationship Manager (Account Administrator), after spending the previous 5 years in Marketing and Corporate Partnerships. Vincent has experience in securing partnership opportunities on a local, regional and national scale, while working side-by-side with C-Suite clientele. This experience has helped him build the necessary skill sets to provide an advanced level of communication, support and specialized service to his clients on a daily basis.

Targeting a new industry, Continental serves as a place of opportunity, while creating an avenue of growth in cultivating a well-rounded service approach to Vincent’s role. A double alumnus of Adelphi University in Garden City, N.Y., Vincent is dedicated to providing a top-class experience, while meeting new clientele and building lasting relationships across the financial services industry.

Alwyn Burton

Alwyn Burton

Alwyn has been contributing to the growth and success of transfer agents for over 14 years. In this time, he has built experience that encompasses Relationship Management, Customer Service, project management & strategic marketing that impacts bottom-line profitability.

During his tenure in the industry, he has excelled at streamlining less-than-efficient procedures to boost productivity and sales. Alwyn believes in a proactive management style, and prior to joining Continental, he personally managed a book of business with revenue upwards of a 13 million dollars every fiscal year.

Here at Continental, he is a part of the Senior Account Management team, who specialize in SPACs, IPOs and Business Combinations. He prides himself on providing white glove service, and enjoys working in the transfer agent business where he acts as the relationship manager/primary contact of accounts that have engaged Continental.

Vito Cirone

Vito recently joined Continental, bringing over 25 years of industry experience to the team. With a strong background in transfer agent services, he spent more than 17 years overseeing Restricted Securities processing and serving as a Sr. Relationship Manager. Earlier in his career, Vito honed his skills in brokerage operations.

Vito is known for his expertise in handling complex situations for various companies. He collaborates closely with company executives and law firms, taking pride in delivering top-notch client and shareholder satisfaction. His extensive experience and dedication make him a valuable addition to Continental.

Keri An Cuadros

Keri-Ann Cuadros

Keri has over 25 years of experience in the securities industry. She has extensive background interpreting documents for New York Stock Exchange and Security and Exchange Commission compliance for proxy solicitation, shareholder voting rights, corporate governance, and numerous corporate actions.

Prior to joining Continental, Keri worked as a Relationship Manager on the transfer agent team and in corporate client services advising issuers on shareholder meetings, proxy, and voting requirements.

She is skilled in bankruptcy and restructuring noticing, transactions, tabulating, and disbursements. Throughout her career, Keri has provided expert guidance to company executives and counsel to ensure accurate analysis of solicitation, discretionary voting, and corporate governance regulations and compliance.

Henry Farrell photo

Henry Farrell

Henry is a Senior Account Manager, and also serves as a lead manager for Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) in the Account Management team.

Henry has been in the transfer agency business for more than 22 years, employed in the private and public sectors.

His experience with large shareholder base clients, specializing in community bank appointments, assisting in corporate governance, due diligence, planning, and preparation of all aspects of their shareholder meetings, mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s, stock split, and dividends.

Kristen Figueroa

Kristen has 19 years of experience in retail banking management. She has held leadership and VP roles, gaining vast knowledge in the securities industry. Most recently, Kristen obtained the role of a Senior Loan Officer with a key lender.

Kristen has gained accolades for her exceptional work ethics and has served as a mentor in educating staff and clients in the industry. She will go above and beyond for her clients, which is the foundation of her success. She takes great pride in making sure that her clients have the best experience and continue to maintain her rapport with them.

Petronella Gielissen

Petronella Gielissen

Petra has worked in the transfer agency business for over 10 years. First working as a transaction processor, she learned the ins and outs of the transfer business. Eventually she moved on to work in the Operations department, managing the process improvement and deliverables of offshore employees in India.

Along with traveling to India to provide training and development, she was the main contact for any issues that would arise within her team.

With her experience managing client expectations, she has been commended for her ability to handle a large workload while delivering results on time. Petra is a graduate of Bridgewater State University and recently became a certified Scrum Master.

Michael Goedecke

Michael Goedecke

Mike has more than 25 years as a leader in securities and related industries. He has been a trusted advisor to executive management teams across industries, sectors, and regions throughout his career. Over his career, Mike has counseled executive management teams on various issues, including best practices, streamlining workflows, and addressing proper corporate governance, allowing issuers to remain focused on their business.

Mike’s best-in-class solutions for CEOs, CFOs, investor relations professionals, general counsel, and corporate secretaries address issues throughout the corporate lifecycle. He is a master at pre-IPO planning, ongoing shareholder servicing, shareholder meeting planning, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy, and exchange listing and de-listing.

Before joining Continental, Mike worked at an investor relations firm, helping newly public issuers navigate Wall Street and manage expectations to ensure issuers received the visibility and best valuations possible.

Mike is active in the organizations that shape the investor relations and corporate governance roles within public issuers. Mike is a longstanding member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) and a past board member of the San Diego and Los Angeles chapters. He is a 25-year member of the Society of Corporate Governance and a past board member of the Western Securities Transfer Association.

Ana Gois photo

Ana Gois

Ana has been in the transfer agent business for more than 20 years and has held various key positions throughout her career serving small, mid, and large-cap clients. Ana was an Assistant Vice President and team leader in prior roles at stock transfer agencies, and she is currently a Senior Account Manager and Vice President at Continental. Ana brings a depth of experience in shareholder relations, client services administration, and relationship management.

In her tenure, Ana has worked with large shareholder base clients assisting in corporate governance, due diligence, planning, and preparation of all aspects of their shareholder meetings, mergers, acquisitions, IPO’s, stock split, and dividends.

Ana is a graduate of Montclair State University. She is a highly motivated professional who values her clients and their long-term business relationship needs.

Erika Harris

Erika Harris

Erika has worked in the stock transfer business for over a decade. She has worked in relationship management for the past eight years building relationships with key executives and accounts. During her career, Erika assisted with operational mailings and coordinated special reorganization jobs. She guides departments through streamlining practices and handles annual meeting set-ups, virtual meetings, and accounting initiatives.

In addition, Erika has attended various conferences in the securities industry and has also held the role of inspector of election at various annual meetings for her clients.

Erika brings her enthusiasm and her excellent communication skills to assist in building and maintaining new relationships.

Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Stephen comes to Continental Stock Transfer with more than 30 years of experience in the industry, the past 25 years in Relationship Management.

He previously served as Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager at multiple transfer agencies.

Stephen’s strength is helping clients with complex matters. He has extensive knowledge and experience in annual meeting planning, Corporate Actions including stock splits and dividends, IPOs and mergers, and advising foreign clients.

Margaret Lloyd photo

Margaret “Bernie” Lloyd

Bernie has been in the transfer agency business for over 30 years, employed in the private and public sectors. Thirteen of those years were with a prominent in-house public company, supervising shareholder services, stock transfers, and ensuring adherence to the company’s corporate governance and industry regulations.

Bernie is a Senior Account Manager/VP at Continental and works in the same capacity.

She has accrued a wealth of knowledge in the security industry, corporate administration, and banking/securities environment. Bernie’s expertise is handling large shareholder clients and keeping clients informed in best practice methods for both the corporate and shareholder side.


Ian McKay

Ian McKay is a hardworking and dedicated business professional with over a decade of experience in customer & client relationship management and operational project management experience. Ian has a strong portfolio of success managing accounts and maintaining partnerships while delivering business-critical projects and driving strategic sales.

Ian has a proven track record of identifying and leveraging opportunities to create positive results and is Lean Six Sigma Certified. This certification ensures high-quality vital data research, analysis, process development, and implementation skills, which aid executive-level professionals and the organization.

Yvette Castaneda

Yvette Montanez

Yvette has been in the transfer agent industry for approximately 20 years. She started her journey as a Call Center Representative in a private company, and over time progressed to become a Vice President & Manager of Client Service Representatives in a public transfer agency. Her experience is primarily with Fortune 500 companies entailing proxy, Employee Stock Options Plan, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, dividends, transfer agent services, and shareholder transfers.

Yvette excels in client service management as well as client retention. Her extensive knowledge on various products and events surrounding the registered side. Her journey began with Continental as a Business Combination Coordinator supporting the Administrative Team. She was able to assist in numerous closings in 2021-2022. Her current role as an Account Manager allows her to manage a portfolio of clients, assisting them in all their various corporate events, utilizing her vast experience as leverage for an ultimate client experience.

Luis Ortiz

Luis Ortiz

Luis is an accomplished securities services professional with over 35 years of experience in the stock transfer industry. He has an extensive background in client relationship management, reorg administration, product management, and operations.

Before joining Continental Stock Transfer & Trust, Luis held management positions at several financial institutions.

During his tenure there, he was a vice president and senior relationship manager for several large corporate issuer accounts, including the parent company’s stock transfer account and employee plans. He was a Regional Vice President and team leader for several relationship management teams specialized in closed-end funds and international transfer agency services.

His strong management and interpersonal skills gave him success in all areas of expertise, emphasizing teamwork, business growth, and striving for excellence.

SPAC- Doug- Reed

Douglas Reed

Over Doug’s 35-year career in stock transfer, he has performed operational and administrative roles, including chief of operations, regulatory compliance, issuer, security holder tax reporting, issuing agent, reconciliation, and vendor management.

Doug is familiar with various types of securities, including common, preferred, and convertible stocks, corporate and municipal debt, money market instruments, and depositary receipts. Prior to his position at Continental Stock Transfer & Trust, Doug spent time at multiple bank and trust corporations. He has been active in industry groups, such as the Securities Transfer Association (STA), where he acted as Chairman of the Operations and Debt Committees.

He holds an MBA in Finance, with a concentration in Banking, from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University.

Leicia Savinetti

Leicia Savinetti

With more than 25 years of experience in the shareholder services industry, Leicia started managing a shareholder call center and the correspondence unit at a previous transfer agent.

She spent 14 years at a financial solutions company, working with large corporate issuers such as General Electric, Microsoft, Time Warner, and Pfizer.

Leicia worked 9 years at another transfer agency as a Vice President and over the course of her career, she was invited to speak at industry functions explaining the benefits of electronic proxy delivery and voting. She earned an MBA from Dowling College.

Steven Vacante Photo

Steven Vacante

Steve’s expertise in coordinating and managing complicated deals with uncommon structuring.

He is also the point person for all cross-border issuers wishing to list in the United States and manages the co-agent book of business for Continental’s partnership with TSX Trust.

Steve has been with Continental for 18 years and has worked in many departments, accruing a wealth of knowledge as he worked himself up the ladder. In his current role, he brings that wealth of knowledge to provide clients with the guidance needed to facilitate their needs confidently and quickly.

Maria Vaz

Maria Vaz

Maria began her professional career as an Administrative Assistant. She worked at a few different firms and some of her responsibilities included being the liaison between international offices and overseeing the clerical support staff within the group.

Maria entered the transfer agent industry 25 years ago, working as an Administrative Assistant at Broadridge Financial Solutions (formerly known as ADP). Throughout her career with Broadridge, Maria continuously moved through the business and up the ladder, first moving to the Issuer Liaison group as an Administrative Assistant and managing all aspects issuer proxy mailings. She was then promoted to the position of Client Service Representative. Her responsibilities with the new role consisted of servicing Fortune 500 issuers and coordinating processes with new hires, including training and supervising. She continued to work within the proxy business at Broadridge until she came to Continental in early 2022 as an Account Manager.

Kelly Walters

Kelly is an accomplished securities services professional with over 30years of experience in banking, management, and stock transfer administration of both international and domestic securities.

Before joining Continental, Kelly held several positions including, operations management, relationship management, and group administrative support at a large banking institutions’ stock transfer division and American Depositary Receipts (ADR) division. As a Unit Supervisor in Stock Transfer Securities Operations, Kelly managed a staff of 30 employees covering account maintenance, special transfers, and automated clearing. In ADRs, as an Assistant Vice President, Kelly’s role included relationship management and client administration of sponsored and unsponsored ADR facilities for European, Middle Eastern Emerging Markets, and Asia-Pacific companies listed and traded on NASDAQ, NYSE, and OTC Markets.

Along with Kelly’s extensive experience in stock transfer and ADRs, Kelly brings her enthusiasm and her excellent communication skills to assist in building and maintaining client relationships. She is a team player whose talent, experience, and willingness to work hard will contribute positively to Continental’s ongoing growth and success. Kelly is a graduate of Kean University, Management Science, BS.

Erika Young photo

Erika Young

Erika’s expertise is in Relationship Management, specializing in Problem Resolution and Retirement Services, having worked with two of the top banking financial centers in the industry.

Erika has a strong base in sales, having over 20 years of experience in the financial industry, targeting, developing, and implementing effective growth strategies that deliver solid and sustainable results.

She successfully achieved market revenue and sales profitability through expertise in cultivating and enhancing client relationships, marketing creativity and ingenuity, business development, and client management.

Erika served on the Bronx District Attorney’s Community Affairs Unit Adult Workshop Board for her expertise in financial security, J.P.Morgan Chase’s Diversity Council, and their Connecticut Market Leadership Team. She served as a Finance Mentor/Facilitator with Dress for Success Professional Women’s Group.

She is a graduate of Fordham University.


Alice Abasolo

Alice has over 25 years of experience in the stock transfer industry. She is an administrative professional with extensive customer service experience, mainly managing large shareholder-base clients. Alice’s strength is helping clients resolve complex matters and finding solutions to escalated shareholder issues. Eager to expand her knowledge at Continental, she supports the Account Management Team, with a current focus in Business Combinations, and SPAC IPOs.

Alice graduated with a B.A. degree in Communications from Rutgers State University of New Jersey. She earned an MBA degree at Centenary University and also completed courses in Project Management from her alma mater.

Involved in her local community, she is an alumni member of the Junior Chamber International, known as the Jaycees. This non-profit leadership organization aims in giving back to the community with philanthropic endeavors.

Edgar Ambert

Edgar Ambert

Edgar began his career at ChaseMellon in 1997, where he was a member of the support team to the Relationship Managers and Administrative Assistants. During his time on the support team, he acquired knowledge of the industry and went on to become an Administrative Assistant, supporting the Relationship Managers with their day to day functions. In this role, he gained experience in dividends, annual meetings, mailing coordination, tax reporting, transfers, and sale opportunities that included coordinating printing and delivery of materials for upcoming mailings.

In Edgar’s years of service, he addressed and resolved both client and shareholder inquiries in a timely manner to his small and large base clients. Throughout his time with the company and daily communications with internal and external clients, he was able to develop close professional relationships and provide superior customer service. Edgar now brings his experience and unique skills to Continental.

Darryl Nickey

Darryl Nickey

Darryl has over 20 years of experience as an Operational Manager in the banking & securities field and over 10 years of superior client service that he brings to Continental. He started his career in securities at AMEX, followed with a Team Lead at JPMChase. As a Team Lead at Chase, he managed multiple portfolios, both international and domestic.

Darryl has extensive experience in most tradeable products, ranging anywhere from the most basic to the most complex structured products, and he has years of Corporate Actions experience. His strong client service and portfolio management has been an asset to Continental.

Darryl prides himself on excellence and team work, along with hard work and dedication. He has a proven track record of client relations and the ability to explore new products and SPACs.

Lucy Pecci

Lucy Pecci

Lucy has extensive experience in the financial industry. Her most recent professional experience was working at an insurance agency. Lucy has also previously been employed as an Underwriter, Account Manager, and Human Resource responsibilities.

Here at Continental, Lucy is a part of the Business & Client Support team. She is excited to expand her knowledge in the transfer agent industry and share her professional experience with Continental.

Evelyn Warsager

Evelyne Warsager

Evelyne began her professional career as a Senior Underwriter. She gained in-depth knowledge of commercial line insurance for over 25 years throughout her career and acquired many skills. In her experience, she built long-term relationships and credibility with clients and customers. Evelyne joined Continental in early 2022 in the Account Administration group.

In her free time, Evelyne enjoys reading and international travel. She is fluent in French, which is invaluable with assisting foreign language customers. She is looking forward to building new client relationships at Continental and utilizing her experience and knowledge to support and enhance the business.


Tinka Welch photo

Tinka Welch

Administrative Assistant

Tinka joined Continental Stock Transfer & Trust in June 2019 as the Administrative Assistant of Account Management & Administration. She is responsible for streamlining workflow between the Account Management team, Director of Account Administration, and other departments. Besides performing traditional administrative duties and assisting the Account Managers as needed, Tinka also helps to maintain the company’s internal client database.

Before joining Continental Stock, Tinka led a sales-driven retail career as a professional personal shopper. A style authority with a keen focus on customer satisfaction, she built a loyal client base including international, high-end, and business clientele, later expanding into bulk and corporate sales. New to this industry, Tinka is organized, adaptable, has extensive client service experience, and her desire to learn makes her a valued addition to the department.