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ControlBook Reporting is a client-based online tool for issuers that allows access to your Share Controls for every class of stock on-demand.

You will be able to view, monitor and/or print reports reflecting your Authorized shares, Issued and Outstanding shares, Treasury shares and any associated Reserves in any client specified date range in “real time” at all times during and after business hours.

Continental’s real-time ControlBook Reporting allows designated personnel to view and download detailed metrics for any combination of outstanding shares between any two dates – from inception of our services to the current date.


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View, Monitor and/or Print Reports in Any Client Specified Date Range
in “Real-Time”

  • Authorized Shares

  • Issued & Outstanding Shares

  • Treasury Shares

  • Any Associated Reserves

During and After Business Hours


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 Many thanks to the entire Proxy Services team at Continental. Your professionalism and customer support was remarkable throughout this very difficult time. 

William Aprigliano
Senior Vice President, The First of Long Island Corporation.

 Have a good weekend [Ana], and just to note we appreciate all of your support and consistently great service through these times – very fortunate to work with you. 

Brian Wolfe
General Counsel, Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc.

 Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the FANTASTIC job Erika did all last week in assisting me with retrieval of my stock certificate. She followed up on every email/phone call to ensure my certificate was in my possession. Even taking the time to inquire about my well being during this pandemic crisis. Job well done!!! She was AWESOME. 

Gregory Sewell
Shareholder, Waitr Holdings, Inc.

 Thank you for all the great work CST has done for us the last few years. And especially Steve. He has done an AMAZING job on all of the stuff we’ve dropped in his lap, and some of it has been very difficult and complex to work through. I never have to worry about getting the right answers and quick results when it comes to Steve. And he goes above and beyond every time. 

Ryan Abney
SAExploration Holdings, Inc.
Vice President of Finance

 Just wanted to say thank you for helping with all of this. We pride ourselves as a company on our relentless commitment to providing excellent customer service. Every time situations have come up with our shareholders, you have never failed to deliver that same level of service to them and for us. We are so thankful you are part of our team and are so happy we made the decision to choose Continental as our partner. 

J. Kyle McVey, Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer, CPA
First Financial Bankshares, Inc.

 Thanks so much for the always-outstanding service and communication. It’s a pleasure to work with you [Elizabeth] and your team. We’re grateful to you for supporting us and taking great care of our shareholders. I’ve had many other amazing experiences with Continental team members, including Henry Farrell and Rean Quito. Your team always exceeds expectations. 

Patrick Gill, CEO
Grand River Bank

 You guys have been absolutely fabulous. Your service currently is as spectacular as it was before this crisis. Thank you for your services and keep safe. 

Mark Turfler
Senior VP & Chief Financial Officer, RF Industries Ltd.


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