Strongest Advantages of Virtual Shareholder Meetings and Virtual Earnings Meetings

Author: Robert Zubrycki

  1. Streamed live on our hosted meeting webpage to better meet attendee expectations
    • Support shift to streaming attendees (in 2023, 80% of our virtual meeting attendees use streaming)
    • Enhances communication with comprehensive informational web page
    • Managed and hosted by CSTT for no IT impact
  2. Still allows traditional telephone access for presenters, analysts, and attendees and for verbal questions
  3. Can accommodate advanced features such as submitted written questions, slide decks, attendee conference lines/chat rooms, and more
  4. Meeting coordinator to guide you through the process including a dry-run and the live meeting

Tailored To Fit Service

  • Hosted meeting webpage
  • Meeting coordinator service
  • Submitted written questions
  • Streaming live meeting for web-based attendees
  • Telephone access for presenters and attendees
  • Hosted meeting replay
  • Assistance with press releases and other communications
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Strong company branding
  • Presenter portal
  • Live, telephone-based analyst and attendee questions (earnings meetings)
  • Meeting transcript (earnings meetings)

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