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CST Upgraded Its Entire Phone System

In February 2023, CSTT upgraded its entire phone system. The new telephone system, Dialpad, is a significant enhancement with additional benefits to our Shareholders, Issuers, and CSTT employees, alike.

First, the Relationship Managers are even more accessible. With the Unified Communications Platform, the RMs can be reached on any of their several communication devices: desk phone, cell phone application, or desktop application. One phone number. One seamless solution. Second, the shareholder toll-free number menu has been further simplified. In keeping with our “no barriers to service”. A Shareholder can reach a Shareholder Services Representative within one prompt.

No complicated IVR, no extend hold times; just a live person to answer questions and provide assistance as needed, when needed. Additionally, Dialpad’s Unified Communications Platform allows our Shareholder Services Representatives to answer calls from wherever they may be located in the contiguous U.S. It’s a powerful feature to provide a sustainable work-life balance and business continuity. Excellent service without interruption.

Over the upcoming months, we will be developing and leveraging all of Dialpad’s technologies to further enhance the Issuer and Shareholder experiences.

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