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Any company, regardless of industry, has the same competitive differentiator, The Customer Experience (CX). Aside from cost, CX is the main contributor to a customer’s decision. CX extends across all of the customer touchpoints; from pre-sale to product to post sale support. CST and our industry, Stock Transfer, is no different. Quality Assurance (QA) is a main contributor to ensuring a positive Customer Experience.

There are several customer touchpoints wherein Quality Assurance is applicable ranging from the website to operations processing to forms and statements to the Relationship Manager and lastly, but not least, the Customer Service Representative (CSR). An effective QA program for the Customer Service Representatives sets standards and measures CSR performance through Monitoring, and Coaching. As an additional benefit, QA provides coaching to help the CSR become more efficient without sacrificing service. So, all around, a good QA program is a Win-Win-Win!


Monitoring Telephone calls and emails are reviewed weekly for each customer service representative to ensure the highest level of Customer Service is provided. Two methods are used to tailor growth and development of the CSR. With “Buddy’’ Monitoring, the Manager sits alongside the CSR while they are actively assisting shareholders. This gives the Manager the ability to provide real-time feedback and guidance. “Silent” Monitoring is where random calls are selected for quality assurance. The calls and emails are reviewed and scored to ensure all policies and procedures are followed. Coaching


A session wherein the Manager and the CSR to meet and review calls or emails to discuss and provide positive, constructive feedback. Recommendations are made as needed to improve performance. Coaching has been proven to be the most effective way to enhance a CSR’s learning and development. All of the results from the QA Monitoring and Coaching sessions are aggregated and analyzed. Trends are identified for further enhancements, not only with the CSR but throughout the entire organization. Hence, a strong and effective QA program will always ensure the Customer Experience is optimal.


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