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Continental has been working on an exciting new product to eliminate paper-based payment processes for paying agent M & A transactions. Our newly designed and innovative tool, Corporate Action Online Transaction Portal, will allow for electronic delivery and completion of offering documents.

This method is efficient and offers ease of use while allowing faster turn-around than conventional paper-based processes.

Our Corporate Action professionals will tailor documentation to the unique requirements of each specific corporate action. Shareholders can quickly review, complete and electronically sign deal documents delivered securely through our online portal. The process enables deal documents to be completed accurately and timely the first time therefore expediting payments.

Shareholders will be able to

  • manage payment information online,
  • choose their preferred payment method (fed wire, check)
  • and know that their information is being kept secure and private.

Continental clients will have access to a reporting tool that will show the status of payments through a secure online report.

Stay tuned for more information on the rollout of this exciting new product in our next newsletter.


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