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What’s new in the horizon at Continental?

Robert Zubrycki, VP & Director of Proxy and Mail Services, is working with the USPS to utilize technology for “INFORMED DELIVERY”.

What is Informed Delivery and will it impact our business?

Informed Delivery is an innovative feature to eligible residential consumers and P.O. Box users nationwide. Consumers that sign up can digitally preview their mail and manage the contents that will arrive in their mailbox by simply using their smartphone or tablet. Users also will have the ability to interact with digital content provided by Continental (e.g. client letters, quarterly reports, related links) directly from Informed Delivery. For more information on how Informed Delivery can help you communicate with your shareholder base, contact Robert Zubrycki.

What else is in the horizon?

Augmented Reality is here.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is the ability to use that funny looking square barcode that you scan on your smartphone and have something come alive.

AR is a great tool to make your communication come alive simply by scanning that little AR barcode. Look for AR barcodes on wine bottles, beer bottles and other products today that when scanned the label comes alive and tells you a story. We want to use that technology in our business line and shortly will create a model of how we can use it.

Exciting things are happening at Continental, so stay tuned.


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