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By: John Torres, VP & Director of Customer Communications

With the implementation of the Customer Communication Team in 2021, the focus has been on enhancing the shareholder experience through analytics, technology and applying good old fashion customer service sensibilities.

Our methodology is simple: Analyze, Implement, Monitor and Repeat (AIM).

Analyze – Every aspect of the shareholder experience is thoroughly reviewed. If unsure where to start, look at the highest volume touchpoints and simply ask “why”. Then it’s a matter of counting and corresponding the occurrences and determining the desired result.

Implement – The cornerstone to an effective implementation plan is good communication and documentation. As with any well laid out plan, be ready for the unexpected. Additional opportunities will be quick to show themselves.

Monitor – Diligently monitor the shareholder behavior and measure the results against the objective. While a “Big Bang” enhancement is always desired, the change will more likely be small and iterative. Take each small success and keep going.

Repeat – Repeat what worked and modify what did not work. Consistency is key. This is an evolutionary process in perpetuity. 

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail!


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