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Michael Mullings, Chief Compliance Officer

The state-of-the-art ControlBook Reporting system (“CBR”) continues to evolve as we continue to get constructive input from our client users. Updates were last made in 2017 as reported in the Chairman’s Fall 2018 Newsletter. CBR allows clients’ authorized personnel to create “real time” reports to track issued and outstanding shares for Common Stock, treasury and associated reserve balances, plus any related unvested common shares and convertible securities (Preferred, Warrants, Debentures, etc.).

This application has become a reconciliation and information necessary for issuers for a variety of reasons including mandatory regulatory filings, corporate actions and annual meetings all of which have declared record dates or filing deadlines. Issuers need to know their outstanding shares, their authorized share balances or reserve balances at any time.

You will have direct access via our website to check your outstanding shares or produce reports of any kind between any two dates from inception of our services to current date. You will have the option of paging through detailed reports online or exporting to print a report. A report will reference detailed descriptions of each line item reflecting the date of the instructions, the date of processing, transaction description with shareholder reference, sequence numbers (if provided), and the corresponding changes in the issued and authorized shares and reserve balances.

The system is user-friendly concentrating on:

i. simplicity and accuracy

ii. accessibility

iii. intuitive navigation

iv. aesthetics

v. basic and detailed information

The proprietary system is first rate, easy to use and we believe it separates us from our competitors.

To satisfy the additional needs of our clients, we have continued to make enhancements to the application and the latest updates are summarized below:

All records are now displayed from inception meaning all line items starting with the initial authorized balance are now visible. Previously, the initial display was only for the last three (3) years which forced the user to run a full list from the inception date to get the full picture. The client feedback reflected that users did not know the inception date and had to go through multiple trials.

We have increased the number of decimal places available for viewing all outputs (authorized balance, issued, reserves, treasury). Previously, it was limited to two decimal places. We have now enhanced this feature out to six decimal places. In addition, the user has the ability to change the setting to the number of places they desire (0 to 6 decimal places). This is done by clicking on the User Name (Hello John Doe) and choosing Preferences. The pop-up window gives the option to toggle the number of decimal places both for the online display and the exported reports. Click Update when completed.

Another feature updated is the default Issue and Reserve. This is akin to “Favorites” and will be the Issue and Reserve page that opens when accessing the application. For issuers with multiple issues (common stock, warrants, unvested common stock etc.) and multiple reserves, this is a valuable feature. The preferred issue may be selected at set up or changed at any time. As with decimal places, the user can access Preferences and make the required selection. CSTT administrators will typically select common stock as the default issue and reserve 1 as the default reserve.

The application now allows the changing of issues from the main screen. Simply click on the Issue (COM/PFD/WTS) and the pop-up window will offer the option to change it. The same change option is available in the Reserve selection.

Finally, we have enhanced security by imposing a mandatory change in the password policy. Passwords will now expire after 45 days and will need to be changed by the user.

Currently 70% of our client base are enjoying the advantages of ControlBook Reporting. If you do not have access or were previously unaware of the existence of this application, please communicate with your Account Manager to obtain access credentials and to start tracking “real time” changes in your outstanding shares. You should also be aware that an unlimited number of personnel are permitted to access the application.

A comprehensive four minute tutorial is available to show how easy it is to use the application.

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