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Customer experience is a competitive differentiator. Earlier this year, Continental decided to further the shareholder experience by introducing the Customer Communication Team.

The team’s objective is to continue enhancing CSTT’s customer-centric culture through efficient, customer-friendly communications across the company.

This past January, John Torres joined CSTT to lead the Customer Communication Team. His customer-centric methodologies and technical abilities have proven to increase the customer experience. While engaging the senior management, he performs multi-factor analysis across product lines and processes ranging from back-office operations to customer-facing touchpoints. The results of this analysis quickly provide qualitative and quantitative metrics to determine the most effective course of action.

John recently assembled an experienced team of transfer agency industry professionals. Each team member was hand-selected based on their innate desire to “help people.” The Continental Customer Care mantra is simple: Care, Communicate, Convenience, Cost.

  • WE CARE. Our customers consist of everyone within our realm of influence, from shareholders to business partners to internal associates.
  • WE COMMUNICATE. Effective communication consists of two components: active listening and concise delivery.
  • WE MAKE IT CONVENIENT. Convenience and efficiency are at the core of the process.
  • WE MAKE IT COST-EFFECTIVE. Customer experience could be expensive, but leveraging partnerships and technologies help mitigate cost.

Over the coming months, the Customer Communication Team will review and analyze existing processes and develop enhancements to increase the Continental Customer Care Experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact John Torres via email,


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